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You are finally here to know more about me the crazy guy behind BlogInfoGuide (BIG). The only guide which will help you grow more as a Blogger.

A Small Intro About MeBloginfoguide author

I am Michael Sadeash Kumar John a Part Time Blogger from India. I completed my graduation (B.Sc Physics) way back in 2003 and I am currently working as a Manager in an Investment Bank. I call myself crazy as I love to do things my way and I don’t mind taking risk if it is worth it. I spend most of my time blogging, browsing and upgrading my skill set. I am a complete net freak wherein Google is my Mentor, Guru, Boss etc..

My Blogging Career

Michael AuthorI came to know about Blogging way back in March 2012 through one of my friend. He was making around 10k/month from Adsense through his blog spending couple of hours a day. This made me look into blogging and I set up my first blog the next day – I am crazy indeed!!!

All I knew at that point of time was; I just need to write article on something to earn money online from Adsense. I decided to go for a generic blog covering almost everything instead of selecting one particular theme or niche. I booked a domain named Justclickin.com as it sound suitable for my blog. But after going through a lot of research I fine tuned Justclickin into a Tech Blog.

So I have been blogging for around 2.5 years and during all these period I got to learn a lot of things about Blogging. My Blogging Career was not that smooth as one might expect; there were lot of ups and downs. It took nearly seven months for me to get an approved Adsense Account. I just didn’t loose my hope and I kept on learning & slogging. Currently I make around $400-$600 from Adsense and around $300+ from Affiliate Marketing which is a Bonus.

Why Did I Start BlogInfoGuide?

Now I know the path to success but I don’t like to walk alone. So I thought of sharing everything that I learnt these past 2.5 years with you. This is when I decided to start BlogInfoGuide – An A-Z Guide About Blogging. It is pretty new so you won’t find everything that you need right now but I will keep on updating it on a regular basis to get the guide ready. Now you don’t have to research or slog; all you need to do is refer my guide and follow my path for success. You can also shoot your queries directly through our contact form and I will be more than happy to assist you.

I still can find a lot of people looking for online work like data entry, form filling, survey etc. I would like all those people to try and have a taste of Blogging. This blog is completely for them and I am here to serve them. I am not an expert but I certainly can assist and guide you as much as possible. I can even hand hold you till you make your first income from Blogging.

There is nothing more special to say about this crazy guy. If you like to get in touch with me and go crazy blogging then you are most welcome.

Facebook: Michael John

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Personal ID: mj@bloginfoguide.com

Happy Blogging… Merry Christmas!!!Michael Merry Christmas