How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog?

Finally here comes my first article on Blog Info Guide. In this post I am going to discuss about choosing a good domain name for your blog. Choosing the right domain name is the first and most important step towards blogging. This is the first biggest block which can stop you from being a blogger. I have seen many showing interest in blogging but finding it really difficult to clear the first block. People spend couple of days searching for good domain name and then end up loosing interest thus delaying the process. So here is an online guide which you can refer to while choosing a good domain name for your blog.

choose a good domain name


Why To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog?

One of the major reasons to select a best domain name is it can’t be renamed. So after you register a domain name; you won’t be able to change its name. You will be able to change the name of your blog only by switching onto a different domain name. In this case your blog will loose all its credential and will be back to square one with lower Alexa and Google Page Rank. So it always advisable to choose a good domain for your blog.

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog?

Finding the right domain name is now difficult as most of the names are already registered. You will have to do a lot of research work and have to come up with something creative. You can refer to the points listed below while selecting the right domain name for your blog.

Brandable Name

Always go for a domain name which can be brandable rather than a complete keyword filled name. A perfect domain name will be a combination of both – with keyword but brandable. You can refer to the domain name of our blog itself “Blog Info Guide”. It has keyword relevant to the content of our blog and is brandable too.

Including a keyword in domain name adds more value as it helps in SEO. This does not mean that a domain name without any keyword would not succeed. A simple example to this is the domain name “Justclickin” it doesn’t have any keyword relevant to the blog but still generates good organic traffic.

Always opt for a domain name shuffled with keyword relevant to your blog but brandable

Easy To Remember Name

Your domain name should be simple and easy for the visitors to remember. If you like a particular site you are more tend to visit that site by typing its domain name on your browser. So if the domain name of your blog is not easy to remember then you might end up loosing some potential traffic.

Avoid complicated words in domain name and just go for a simple name which can be easily remembered.

Prefer Short Name

Always try to keep the domain name of your blog short. I would advice a domain name with max two or three words up to a total of 10-15 characters long. A single named domain is a jackpot at this point as it is a herculean task to find a domain name with just one simple word. A short domain name will be easy to spread and will also be very easy to remember.

Select a domain name with two or three words max with a total of 10-15 characters.

Don’t Include Numbers or Hyphens

Avoid using numbers or hyphens on domain name at all point of time. Numbers or hyphens makes the domain name really difficult to remember. It also creates confusion on visitors mind resulting in loosing them.

Never ever include hyphen or number on your domain name.

TLD Preference

Top Level Domain (TLD) Extensions always creates confusion while registering a domain name. For example if one particular name is not available in .COM extension the same might be available in other extension like .NET or .ORG etc.

I personally recommend .COM extension unless you own a business. The other alternative to .COM is .ORG and .NET. You can also go for .CO.IN or .IN if you run a local business in India and in need of local traffic.

Always opt for .COM extension unless you have a more specific requirement

New or Expired Domain Names

I decided to add this to this list of guidelines as I personally look into expired domains too while registering a new domain. The reason being I get to book a domain name with good backlinks, PR, Dmoz listed names. It also includes one additional benefit wherein I can purchase a domain with good PR, set up a nice looking site and can sell it at a good price.

If you are new to blogging then I would not recommend this as registering an expired domain does require some skill set. You should know the history of the domain in order to book an expired domain. Else you will end up purchasing a domain which is blacklisted or a domain which doesn’t have valid backlinks or PR.

Go for a new domain name but if you know how to check the history of the domain then you can look into expired domains too.


These are some of the basic guidelines which you can refer to while you choose a good domain name for your blog. Having a good domain name does not mean that your blog will automatically do well. You can find a lot of domain names which are not relevant to the blogs content still ranking higher. You can also find blogs with best domain names ranking lower. So in order to rank higher you will need to offer Google what it needs i.e. fresh high quality content. Do let me know if I have missed anything in here by commenting so I can add it to this list.

In my next article I will write on how to choose a good domain registrar for your blog?

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