How To Choose A Good Domain Registrar For Your Blog?

I hope you have already selected a good domain name for your blog by now. If you are still confused in selecting a good domain name then refer to this article on Selecting Good Domain Name.

good domain registrarIt will be an amazing feeling when you first plan to register a domain name for your blog. The only thing that will be in your mind at this point of time is to register a good domain name at cheapest rate. You even might have looked around domain registrars for nice offers. In this article I will list down the factors that you will need to look into while choosing a good domain registrar. I will also list down names of some good domain registrars to make your work easy.

How To Choose A Good Domain Registrar?

You can consider the following factors while you choose a good domain registrar for your blog.

ICANN Accredited

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the organization which is responsible for monitoring domain names. You can consider ICANN as one of the major factor in finding a good domain registrar. You can find whether a registrar is ICANN accredited or not by looking into the registrars Home Page, Privacy or Disclaimer page.


Don’t blindly go with cheap domain registrars but that doesn’t mean that you should go with expensive one either. There is no company which can make profit selling a .COM domain for $1-$5 without a stringy condition. Go with a registrar who offers domain name at a decent rate and is ICANN accredited with good rapport.

Do look at domain renewal charge as you will find registrars offering domain name at a cheaper rate for first year but then charging like $15 the next year. In here you will end up loosing a lot of money so be cautious.

If you have already registered your domain name with a cheap registrar who doesn’t offer good service. Then you can always switch the registrar by using domain transfer option for free.

Support & Reviews

Always go for a domain registrar who has good rapport among the web masters offering excellent customer support. You will get to know about their reviews by visiting various discussion boards.

These are the major factors you should look into while selecting a good domain registrar for your domain. Now let me list down some domain registrars info who offer excellent support at an amazing rate.

List Of Good Domain Registrars

Here are the list of top five domain registrars whom you can look into while registering a domain name for your blog:


NameCheap is one of the top domain registrars offering products like domains, web hosting, web designing etc. It offers domain name at a reasonable rate wherein a .COM domain will cost you around $10. NameCheap is ICANN accredited and their customer support is just awesome.

Visit: NameCheap


GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars offering a huge list of products starting from domains to SSL certificate. They are currently on top, offering some amazing deals at a highly discounted rate. You can register a .COM domain name for as low as $1.49 with a stingy condition to register a domain name for two years. I personally prefer GoDaddy as their customer service is just amazing and they are ICANN accredited.

Visit: Godaddy (.COM domain at $1.49)


BigRock is one of the famous domain registrars located in India. It offers some good list of products at an affordable rate. You can register a good domain name starting from rupees 99 (Around $1.5) with BigRock. BigRock is ICANN accredited and it offers good customer service.

Visit: BigRock


Register is one of the oldest and most popular domain name registrars. It offers various products like other domain name registrars. You can register a .COM domain starting from $9.99 per year. It is ICANN accredited and it does offer good customer service.

Visit: Register


1and1 is another popular domain registrar with amazing offers. You can grab a .COM domain for just $0.99 for now. It is ICANN accredited and has good rapport among web masters.

Visit: 1and1


You should always set your base right when you plan to set up a blog. Domain Name, Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider are the base for blogging. You should select the right service provider to enjoy a happy blogging career. I hope this article helps you in selecting the good domain registrar for you blog. In my next article I will share some tips to select the best web hosting provider for your blog.

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