How To Choose Reliable Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Blog?

From my earlier articles you might have learnt about choosing a good domain name and a good domain registrar for your blog. Today I am going to share about factors that you should look into while choosing a reliable web hosting service provider for your blog.

reliable web hosting service providersFinding a reliable web hosting service provider is a difficult task as you will find too many service providers promising uptime of 99.9%. For the first year you get to grab any decent plan from a high quality service provider at a lot cheaper rate. Here are some of the factors that will help you in choosing reliable web hosting service provider for your blog.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing Reliable Web Hosting Service Provider


Pricing is one of the most important factor which many look into while choosing web hosting service provider. I have seen many relying more on cheap web hosting service rather than looking at the feature they offer. Providers who offer these features ideally charge more so do look into features before selecting a web hosting service provider. I would opt for a web hosting service provider who offers all features at a reasonable rate.

Look for all features at reasonable rate


I would rate and consider this as the most important factor of all. I have personally tried few hosting service providers and I did start with a cheap one. Everything seem to work well until I found my site hacked by a hacker. I finally shifted to Hostgator which was little expensive but it fulfilled all my needs. This is why a reputed web hosting service provider a better option than other hosting providers. Our data should be always secured so look for a hosting service wherein our data will be more secured.

Pay more but always keep your data secured

Uptime Guarantee

Your site should be up all the time or else you might end up loosing some potential visitors. It is really difficult to find this statistics as all web hosting service providers promise 99.9% uptime. Visiting online discussion forum will help you in getting the right idea. Don’t just go blindly with what the service provider say rather do a proper research work.

Look into discussion boards and find hosting provider promising 99.99% uptime

Excellent Customer Service With Technical Knowledge

If you are a newbie you might get into lot of trouble or queries while hosting a site. So it is must that the service provider knows his business really well. It is also important that the support team works 24/7 to assist you at any point of time.

Should offer excellent customer service and should be available 24/7

Good Reviews From Customers

It is always important that you look into customer reviews while purchasing anything online. Customers always have a habit of posting their bad experience online which you can look into. Web hosting service provider with less bad feedback is the one you need.

Go for web hosting service provider with less bad feedback

These are some of the major factors which you should look into while choosing a reliable web hosting service provider for your blog. Do ensure that you do a proper research work before finalizing the web hosting provider. To help you out I have listed down some of the top most reputable web hosting service providers.

Top Most Reliable Web Hosting Service Providers.

Hostgator: Hostgator is one of the top web hosting service providers offering all features at an affordable rate. It ranks on top because of its service and excellent customer support. Its basic plan starts at $3.96 per month wherein you can avail all the features but for a single domain. For multiple domains you can opt for “Baby Plan” which starts from $6.36 per month.

BlueHost: BlueHost is another top web hosting service provider offering amazing service at reasonable rate. Most of the bloggers recommend BlueHost because of its special “WordPress VPS Hosting” service. WordPress VPS hosting plan costs around $24.99 per month wherein the first month will cost you $12.49 per month.

Inmotion: Inmotion Hosting offers all type of hosting services under a single roof. Its basic plan starts from $4.89 per month wherein you will get a free domain along with every registration or transfer.

Siteground: Siteground is another popular web hosting service provider offering various service including WordPress, Joomla etc. Its basic plan for one domain starts from $3.95 per month but it comes with limited web space.

JTS Hosting: JTS Hosting is basically a reseller of Hostgator Server. You will be able to avail all features of Hostgator at a discounted rate. You can now host your website for as low as $1 per month (single domain) with all the required features.


Web Hosting Server is a space wherein all your site information gets stored. So it is must for you to opt for the most reliable web hosting service provider. Factors mentioned above will help you in choosing reliable web hosting service provider for your blog. You can also go with most reputable web hosting providers listed above. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends.

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