15 Free Effective Backlink Checker Tools for Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are the links that are pointed towards your website, from other websites. Equipped with an effective set of backlinks that are from relevant and high ranking websites, your blog/website could achieve better placement in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), since quality backlinks complements the credibility of the website.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

backlink-checkerIt is really important to create quality backlinks, for the sake of increasing the website’s or a blog’s popularity.  A web page with a lot of backlinks, has a tendency for ranking good, with almost all leading search engines. That is why, backlinks are considered highly important for website ranking to enhance its SEO.

In general, quality backlinks denote a website to be reliable, which possess informative articles or posts. Thereby they would bring more exposure to the website. Moreover, popular search engines like Google, typically look for quality backlinks, which would get your website a good position in the Search Engine Result Page.

Attributes of a Good ‘Backlink’

Backlinks should be natural; this means it should be relevant and valuable for the subject, than being created artificially for websites’ popularity. Hence backlinks should be natural and not artificial.

Why We Need Backlink Checker Tools?

Backlink checker tools are a must, in order to keep a track of backlink analysis. Moreover, these tools provide information about, who is backlinking to your site? And also it lets you know about your competitors’ backlinks. Therefore, this gives enough chance to get a quality backlink for you.

As the matter of fact, here we have listed out 15 free backlink checking tools that have been proved to be effective, to stay ahead among your competitors and also for getting better ranking in the search engines. So, take a look on them and make use of it…

Free Effective Backlink Checker Tools


It is an amazing tool for backlink checking that has earned much of credibility among the users. It’s free version allow the user a basic analysis of a blog or website. On the other hand, its paid version involves in-depth analysis of backlinks.

SEO Profiler

It is an advanced, yet easy to use backlink monitoring tool. It comes with various impressive features, to check overall website optimization. Just like the previous one, this tool with vast features permits simple and effective functions for online marketers.

Majestic SEO

This tool has been widely used among the professionals, turning out to be one of the best backlink comparison tool. Its flow metrics namely, citation flow and trust flow performs and prompts us an extensive backlink research. Besides that, it also advices us on website optimization techniques.

Site Explorer Info

The free version of the Site Explorer tool, supports the user to discover backlinks, which are being linked to your competitor’s website. Hence, you can easily check out for those backlinks that are displayed on its database.

Small SEO Tools

Likewise, this simple tool is mainly designed, to check for backlinks for a particular website that you have already mentioned. Especially, this free tool, delivers up to 1000 backlink list, in one query.

Web SEO Analytics

This backlink checker tool comes with many inbuilt powerful features, to analyse, monitor, optimize a complete backlink profile, which may be either for your own website or for your competitor’s one.  It performs to give reliable results, thus promoting page optimization.

WebmeUp Backlink Tool

This tool displays, loads of information about the requested backlink data, in an easily accessible user-friendly interface. This tool also does, link monitoring, diagnosing and further optimization techniques for a blog or website for its progress.


It is one among the popular toolsets that provides vast research on backlinks, keywords and organic traffic, for beginners and SEO experts. It provides intelligent data regarding the backlinks and also assists in search engine optimization, by offering content marketing strategies.


This free backlink checker tool uses the Ahrefs crawler, in order to index the backlinks. Howbeit it is more advisable for beginners, owing to the simplicity and limitations of the tool.


Just like other backlink tools, this one is also a reputed SEO tool, which performs for enhanced SEO services and backlink analysis. Their free service, intensively deliver statements up to 25 backlinks, for one analysis.

Open Site Explorer

This checker tool is from the world’s leading SEO firm called Moz. This advanced tool hands out massive backlink reports for the specified query. Hence, you could run a competitive analysis, among other websites.

Google Alerts

Yes, it is Google’s Alerts and don’t be surprised. It says, it is the best brand monitoring tool. It works better in every aspect. It performs by sending us email reports for the query entered. However, if your demands are limited, you can go for this.

Open Link Profiler

Now again, a good tool for backlink analysis. It would list out up to 2 lakh backlinks reports, per domain. With their active features, it would do a great job. On top of that, this one is more advanced and accurate than any other analyzer.


Here comes, yet another backlink monitoring tool that provides decent info, to enhance SEO optimization.


This tool has been adopted by several thousands of users for online business marketing. It can track over billions and billions of websites and links.


All the above said tools, would be excellent for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing backlinks that would certainly would enhance your website traffic, among the online visitors. Furthermore, it supports your website/blog in achieving the desired placement in the SERP and subsequently improved exposure. Thereby you can grow your online business.

The free version of every backlink checker tool, has various unique features, yet their functions are limited, because ‘it is given away for free’! However, the free versions go well with beginners and also for people whose requirements are minimal.

Whereas, if your requirement goes beyond, by means of optimal web traffic or maximizing the web optimization, then you can go for their paid premium versions. Otherwise the free versions would be more enough for good results.

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