I have been Blogging for nearly 4 years now and it has been a wonderful journey. Blogging has helped me learn a lot of things, helped me make a good network of friends and it also helped me financially. I make some decent income from my blogs but the best thing is, I am the Boss and I run the show. I decide what to do and when to do… this is the benefit that you get as a blogger.

earn recurring income online

I started Blog Info Guide to help you all to get into Blogging and enjoy a wonderful life as a Blogger. People who are good at writing and like to set up their own blog can always look at our service where we will set up a blog for you. People who are not confident with their English and lack writing skill can take this Online Earning Opportunity.

Online Earning Opportunity – No Work With Little Investment For Recurring Income

What Is Online Earning Opportunity About?

about earningOnline Earning Opportunity is all about Blogging!!!

Blogging has too many stages and I will take care of everything… Yes you heard it right; you don’t have to do any work and I will do everything for you.

In this service these are the things that I will do for you:-

  • Select the right niche for you
  • Create a customized blog with highly SEO optimized theme
  • Add high quality articles regularly
  • Get your site ready for Google Adsense
  • Recurring income from Google Adsense

Who Is This Earning Opportunity For?

people online earnThis earning opportunity is for all who would like to make a recurring income being from home without doing anything. So all you need to do is invest and see your blog grow in traffic and income.

This income keeps on changing depending upon the number of visitors that you get on your blog and it is completely recurring. So you will be making money everything from Google without doing anything.

What Is Your Investment And What You Can Expect In Return?

investment jobSo here is the detail about this special service for you. I will break everything out for you so you get to know that there is nothing for you to loose.

Initial Investment: 5000 Rupees

We will select a nice niche and will create a professional blog for you. These are things that will be covered in this amount:-

  • Domain Name (Yearly)
  • Web Hosting (Annual Plan)
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Blog Setup (Check For Details Here)
  • On Page SEO Optimisation

Monthly Investment: 3000 Rupees (Optional)

If you want us to completely control your blog and you just like to earn recurring income without doing anything then you can go for this service. You will be charged 3000 rupees for it wherein you will get the below service:-

  • You will get 10 high quality articles written and published by me
  • You can select the title or we can select the titles for you
  • Each article will be SEO optimized
  • We will update each articles on your social pages (Optional)

Your Recurring Income

no risk investmentThis is what you might be more interested in… your income (recurring monthly income). I will update your blog with regular high quality content and will make it ready for Google Adsense Approval which will take around 4-6 months.

You will start earning as soon as you get your site approved by Adsense. I will be supporting you completely on this process an will ensure that your site gets approved at the earliest. Meanwhile I will try my best for you to get alternate source of income too.

Your income will depend upon the number of visitors and clicks that your ads get. It will be a slow and steady start but will be recurring and it will go on and on and on.

Here is a sample of what I make on one of my blog which you can make too:-

google income

This is how it has started for one of my blog; the same can happen with you too. This blog currently makes around $2oo-400 every month without spending any time.

So the investment is very less but the scope of making huge recurring income is very high!!!

What Will You Have To Do?

recurring income jobYou will have to do NOTHING!!!

I will do everything for you and all you will have to do is keep a regular check on the progress of your blog. You will get a regular update about your blog on a monthly basis.

You will also get to track the number of visitors that your blog get on a daily basis.

Is There Any Risk?

no risk investmentNo Risk!!!

There is no risk at all I will work for you and will ensure that you get everything updated the right time. I will also try my best to get Google Adsense Approval at the earliest.

If you are unhappy with my service you can always opt out of it. If you opt out I will still provide you with alternate contact of writers with whom you can still get the work done. This won’t happy as I am sure you will be happy with my service.


This is one of the best service which is currently available online right now which involves less risk, no work and huge reward. All you need is to trust me and partner with me and I will ensure that you are complete safely and happy all time.

If you like to take this Online Earning Opportunity then contact me directly – Click Here

I will revert back with the mode of payment and will start with your work instantly.

I hope this Online Earning Opportunity brings more people towards Blogging. So you can sit and spend your valuable time with your family while I work for you to generate money. Grab this golden opportunity to make some good money online. I hope to see you all on board.